Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2018

Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2018

Smartphones have turned into an inseparable part of our life. Getting up with a morning alarm, using Whatsapp, reading news, listening to music, viewing YouTube videos, replying emails, updating project status and so on, everything is flawlessly executed from our smartphones.

2017 was a remarkable year for application development. And now when a new year is at our doorsteps, it will surely bring some of the new trends in mobile application industry. To beat the competition, being an application development organization, we have collected a list of few trends that are surely going to rule in the year to come. So, without even wasting a single minute, let’s dive into the sea to get an idea of upcoming trends.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Today, in this busy world, no one has patience and time. With the innovation of AMP, the loading speed of page on mobile will become really quick. Apart from this amazing trend, another phenomenal function announced by Google is isolated search index only for mobile web. Looking from the SEO perspective, this can change the whole application development approach. AMP will empower the engineers to develop quick loading websites and mobile applications. This will decrease bounce rates and increase performance level over numerous mobile devices.



This trend is still in existence and is going to continue in 2018 as well. In fact, it is going to stay for a long time. Blockchain applications are a record of organization’s details recorded as blocks whether it is bitcoins or transaction history. None of these records can be changed without changing all the consequent blocks alongside the collusion of the network. Blockchain application development can be a good way of putting your competitors aside if they haven’t worked on the trend.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Applications have started learning user’s preferences these days and are getting even smarter. Take any of the departments, cyber security, virtual personal assistant, IOT, everyone is turning their way towards machine learning and AI. It is being said that AI market is expected to experience revenue development of up to $47 billion by the year 2020.

Predictive Analysis

This trend is presently being implemented in various organizations such as Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM and also by a few other tech giants of the industry. This trend is about predicting the future results by incorporating machine learning and AI. Know the future analysis of your business by considering the present information and market outputs.

Cloud Tech


Haven’t integrated Cloud Tech in your development procedure yet? Do it now! You can’t pass 2018 without Cloud tech. Out of all the major advantages of cloud tech, some are streamlined operations, decreasing equipment and facilitating, expanded application storage capacity and improved profitability and collaboration. If you expect to work with your application faultlessly, start using cloud tech ASAP.

Mobile Payment


There has been an immense shift to the m-commerce with the boost in e-commerce applications and mobile banking. This has been supported more with Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This trend was also followed in 2017 and is expected to get stronger in 2018.

Android Instant Apps

Instant applications are essentially native applications which work like websites. Instant apps are exceptionally helpful that works significantly in getting more users. The need for application installation is eliminated, which in turn eliminates the barrier between applications and web. It runs easily on all Android versions and is additionally simple to share.

Lazy Loading

Many of the times clients abandon the application or website when pictures take too long to load. With lazy loading trend, this would not be acceptable. Now, pictures will be loaded just when turning on the page. Smart, isn’t that so? Bounce rate will decrease and conversion rate will increase with this rule.

AR and VR

Consider the Google and Apple events that occurred this year, both revealed integration in AR and VR. This obviously means next-generation applications, especially the gaming apps are all about VR and AR. The tech experts are expecting to produce revenue of $150 billion by the year 2020.

Edge Computation

The blast of IOT has made an inclination of intuitive computing technologies. Edge calculation is the way out for this. It essentially pushes the information, apps and computing powers away from its centralized point to the logical extremes of the network. A lot of tech giants have just begun putting resources into the hardware and software in edge computing.

Business Bots

The utilization of Chatbots is not in ample nowadays. But, mark my words, 2018 will encounter a gigantic adaption of the same.

Mobile application development trend is about to grow even more in 2018. So, app developers, buckle your boots, analyze the trends and start working on it.


Turn Your App Idea into a Reality

Turn Your App Idea into a Reality

Mobility is the latest trend in the technological sector, and mobile applications are gradually transforming the interactions and equations of work in this industry. Mobile applications have gained popularity because of their utility. They are one of the principal contributing aspects to the success of mobile phones.

Mobile applications have multiplied the attention of the users and have become a budding success in a flash. But, because of lack of essential information and proficiency, people are usually not aware about how to shape their ideas into reality.

So, How Do You Get Started?

Decked are the top tips to be considered to turn your idea into a mobile application:

1.  Write Down Your Feature List:

You may want to turn that one big idea into a mobile application, it is not recommended to isolate your other smaller ideas. Embark them all on paper, it will help you categorize the ideas and focus on it.

2. Pick One That Really Adheres You:

Once you are done with the listing of the ideas, discuss them with your developers, designers and co-founders. This will help you to get an idea about which dreams can be successfully converted into a mobile application.

3. Research Your Market:

Once you are aware of the gist of your idea, conduct a market research to ascertain if it really has some potential. Although your idea should be unique, it is also important to learn if there is any similar application in the market. If existing, study it, review it, check the feedback and analyze what new you can provide to your users. This will help you to understand the market better and you will be able to build an app as per the requirement of the market.

You can also conduct assessments to discover your potential customers. Analyze what are their expectations from a new app and what matches your goal.

4. Identify Your Audience:

When conducting a market research, you will be able to see your potential customers but it is important to identify who would be the actual users of your app.

It is vital to know your audience so you can see what else needs to be fixed in the app. While you may have just the gist, the whole idea will rely on who your customers or audiences are as they will decide on whether your app will be a success or not.

5. The Name Ceremony:

Now is the time to give your app a name. When you are naming your app, you are basically building a brand image. So the name should be unique, and be able to indicate what the app is about. You can get in touch with professional developers who could help you decide the name with their knowledge and skills in their field.

6. The Development:

While most of the organizations have in-house developers to develop apps, others can outsource their work to reputed app development companies or try a cloud-based solution that enables one to create apps without any coding.

Once developed, you need to test it to the potential customers. Show it to them and explain how it works. Always keep them in mind when you test the app or make any changes to it, as it all depends on them whether your app will be well-received or not.

7. Start Pitching Businesses:

Once the initial version is ready, look for businesses and vendors who would want to build your app ahead of this for a more professional outlook. This is where your market research comes in, where you can discover which organization can best fit your app/ idea.

Approach these vendors and create a great pitch, try and convince them to take your app and build it with their inputs to it.

8. Promote It To The Target Groups:

It is now that you can promote your app and have the chance to reach to the potential customers who want to try your app.

Look for different ways to promote your app. Utilize the power of social media to display and promote your product. You can also gain benefits through the App Store Optimization services.

At Seasia Infotech, we believe in your ideas and as always keen to help you to make them live. Whether it’s just a gist you want an app made out of, or have a half made application, we are always available to your rescue.

We believe in quality of work and customer satisfaction, thus, offering a set of malleable pricing models to our customers. Our clients are authorized to select the best option as per their business requirements.  Our famed strategies and planning work together with our renowned branding and digital design experts has made us one of the best organizations for mobile development in India.

How to outsource mobile development work

How to outsource mobile development work

In today’s world outsourcing mobile development work can be quite easy if we use platforms where project managers and developers can interact just by creating their profiles . App futura is one of them where we can post project and developers can bid over that simply by creating developers profile.

In case you’re a little organization without designers or perhaps a gathering inside of a huge association that can’t get any affection from the corporate advancement group and you require a portable application, where are you going to go? The entire procedure of interfacing with outsider designers, getting non-exposure assentions marked, getting offers, and selecting which engineers to work with is an overwhelming workload.

Should you be in this specific boat, a service that launched last year, AppFutura, can help you. AppFutura connects projects owners and developers in a methodical manner making the versatile application advancement handle possibly less confounded and substantially more sorted out.

Being an project manager your responsibilty is to make your application particular to as detailed level as possible could reasonably be expected and submit it to AppFutura which will, if obliged, help you clean your specs. Once the spec is prepared, you present your proposition and AppFutura courses it to qualified designers why should obliged sign NDAs. The AppFutura surveys the designer reactions and advances the main four for your audit.

In the event that you acknowledge a designer’s reaction you escrow funds through AppFutura and if there’s any disagreement regarding the venture, AppFutura will go about as go between and resolve any issues.

Joining a task as an project owner or developer is free in spite of the fact that designers can decide on Pro records (beginning at $7 every month) that makes you a “Checked Developer”, gives direct contact data on your profile, highlights your organization in hunts, alarms you in a flash of new ventures, and uproots all site promoting. Expert records likewise get dinged for 15% of task installments (this drops 12% for the top level of Pro records estimated at $36 every month).

AppFutura claims a long list of happy project owners with as of now 1,270 dynamic tasks in the framework and 13,395 enlisted developers. AppFutura likewise gives a showplace to designers portable applications with, at present, 7,303 titles accessible.

AppFutura is an great idea with, obviously, a great deal of excited designers joined and a ton of upbeat venture project owners who now have portable applications. In case you’re in a little business or a corporate gathering that needs to outsource or in any operation that doesn’t have the assets or specialized cleaves expected to handle versatile application advancement this could well be the solution for your supplications to God.

If you are looking for such project managers and developers to build such a platform for you, our developers are just one step away .Discuss your project requirements here.