Mobile Application Security Concerns You Ought To Avoid

Mobile Application Security Concerns You Ought To Avoid

Mobile workforce security in today’s age of BYOD is no easy task. In the wake of the explosion of mobile devices, organizations are embracing mobile applications increasingly, as a way to improve productivity and to meet the employee requests to work anywhere seamlessly. There is one critical question that many users and organizations continue to overlook and that is ‘Are mobile applications secure and protected from the malicious hackers?’

However, new studies show that there definitely is some room for enhancement. As per a study for IBM, an average company tests less than half of the mobile applications it builds. Another 33% have never tested their applications for security before floating it in the market. This inequality could expose the data of the users to cyberattacks, which could empower the hackers to gain access to the treasuries of the personal and corporate data of the users.

Companies in huge numbers have adopted the BYOD (bring your own device) policies and 55% allow the employees to use and download the business applications on their personal devices. In addition to this, 67% of the companies allow their employees to download non-vetted applications for their work devices.

So how can you secure the mobile workforce in the age of BYOD? Start with the following steps to address the four key concerns:

Concern 1: Building Secure Apps

Mobile malware exploits the bugs or the vulnerabilities in the coding of the mobile applications. Applying the best practices to mobile application security, can help in making the mobile application resilient to such an attack. It is also very important to analyze the code from third parties, or any application that is allowed to coexist on the devices used by the employees. In such a case, the executable needs to be scanned.

This concern arises out of a growing trend of hackers to create fake application versions. Hackers can obtain a public copy of a mobile application, engineer it in reverse, place the malicious code in it and then re-deploy it in the market. Unsuspecting victims, then download and use the app, leaving their personal information and credentials exposed to the hackers.

Concern 2: Making Devices Risk-Aware

The security of an application is deeply impacted by the underlying security of the devices. An indiscreet device is one that has been adjusted by its owner or an unauthorized application to surpass the operating system security, in turn allowing the installation of any app and from any source. Such devices, known as rooted or jail broken devices are vulnerable to mobile malware. While many organizations prevent such devices from accessing the company networks, the jailbreak technology is surfacing to dodge this detection.

Even worse, the attackers using mobile malware don’t just rely on a jail broken device to facilitate the fraudulent activities. Users who allow excessive permissions for the mobile applications, though often by default, also provide a path for the malware to access the basic services like SMS.

To address these concerns, it is mandatory for all organizations to adopt technology that allows the device risk to be incorporated into the mobile application structure and detect mobile malware. Let’s say, if an application is to execute a complex transaction and the device is jailbroken or rooted, then the app may elect against executing the task.

Fundamentally, by making applications ‘device risk-aware,’ organizations can confine certain functionalities, eliminate sensitive data, and avoid access to the organizational resources. Organizations should look into ways to test the security of the underlying device vigorously because the risk hosted by conceded devices is an often a disregarded aspect of mobile security.

Concern 3: Preventing Data Theft and Leakage

When mobile applications access the data, their documents are often stored on the device itself. If the device is lost, or if it is shared with non-business applications, the probability of the data loss is intensified.

Businesses should develop a selective remote wipe capability to erase the sensitive data from the lost, stolen or otherwise compromised mobile devices. Restricting this sharing of the organizational data with non-business applications can help prevent leakage of data.

Concern 4: Restricting High-Risk Access & Transactions

Mobile applications are built to work together with backend services. For instance, mobile banking applications allow the customers to transfer money to third parties, which mobile CRM applications enable the salespersons to update their forecasts and access the critical account data. By using the context and factors for mobile app security risks, it is possible to prevent or restrict the access to the organizational systems and delay the execution of the transactions.

Mobile Apps and User Experience – Does it Matters?

Mobile Apps and User Experience – Does it Matters

With the evolving digital era, mobile application development technology is also growing at a tremendous pace.

Even though, in a market where performance & quality is always above brand loyalty, creating a flexible user-experience (UX) is the KEY to success of any mobile application development project.

It can be stated that, user-experience is the most crucial element when it comes to the digital landscape.

It clearly expresses how the user actually feels & thinks about your product from their perspective.

In simple terms, it’s all about making something useful, easy-to-use and productive for your target market.

You might be thinking that why to focus on user experience, RIGHT?

Reason is quite obvious, if your app delivers frustrating, confusing and poor user experience, sooner or later users will abandon or uninstall it.

Hence, it is vital to follow a user-centralized approach to mobile app development that gives top priority to the needs of target users.

Enriched user experience offers various key benefits to the businesses or organizations that deliver it and here are some of them:

a) Trustworthy customer-base:

Every smartphone owner, once in their lifetime definitely tastes the bad experience of using a mobile application with lots of complexities, errors & bugs, unexpected behaviors and frustrating interactions.

Reality is that, a poorly designed mobile application diminishes customer loyalty.

If your main motive is to scare users, then all you need is a bad first impression to turn them away in a fastest way.

But nobody wants that, as you might not be able to nurture a long-lasting relationship with users.

On the other hand, providing good user experience can increase user engagement and builds the kind of fidelity that lure people coming back for more.

b) Improved customer satisfaction:

One of the keys to run a successful business – CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

Success of any business or industry (online or offline) is often evaluated by total no. of satisfied clients.

The enhanced experience you provide to users, the more satisfied they’ll be – and the reverse is also true.

If customers are not satisfied with a product or service, they’ll barely recommend it to their friends and families.

The same applies to mobile apps as well.


Why do users delete or abandon an app?

Reason is quite obvious – Poor User Experience, this further entails:

  • Slow responsiveness
  • Heavy battery usage
  • Too many ads and so on…

If an app is unable to deliver user-expectations and a positive impression, it will probably annoy them and will be deleted.

c) Edge over competitors:

In a crowd of millions, it is nearly impossible to stand-out. It is vital that your app stands out from the rest.

But, making your product prominent in a saturated marketplace is not as easy as you might think.

Although, there are plenty of tricky tactics that one can try to make their app noticeable. In order to succeed, one should involve the user from the beginning.

Users are always attracted to apps that are capable of providing them with what they really want.

d) Narrow down support expenses:

A well-designed application can definitely save you time and money.

Mobile app users generally struggle with simple issues that solutions can be easily found on a well-designed app.

Mobile apps provide users a way to not only find solutions, but to connect with businesses or services 24/7, regardless of their location.

Services like access to a help desk, direct personal calls with sales people, live chat and even continuous support to customers can be offered. One can easily save plenty of money, as they don’t need to hire as many help desk staff.

The app should be able to provide all the info a user wants on your business & products promptly, and in-turn will ultimately result in a higher-level of user engagement with your brand.

e) Better sales:

Well-designed mobile apps have improved traffic, transactions and conversations.

These sorts of apps entice & keep more customers, who will purchase more products and leave positive feedback.

Happy customers generally spread the “kind words” about a service with their friends and families.


Apart from word-of-mouth these satisfied users also review mobile apps online, which ultimately play a significant role in convincing other latent users to download the app.

Online reviews are the most trusted source of information & building trust with users is a chief element in ensuring that more & more individuals download and use the application.

User-focused approach for mobile app designing and development reduces the number of bug fixes and maintenance needs that generally appear after launching an application.Recognizing glitches in advance can save lots of time and money on app updates in the future.

Final Words:

A well-thought and researched mobile solution needs to be added to your whole digital strategy, offering a unified and unique user experience.Hence, content and functionality provided on your app must be in alignment with actual needs of your target audience.End-product must be able to deliver a great user experience, irrespective of purpose or function of an app.

Remember, if you are not able to provide a superior mobile experience, you could be doing more damage than good to your reputation.

That’s all for now! Do you’ve any suggestions on how to improve user experience for mobile applications? If yes, feel free to share your views in the comment section.

How spring simplifies mobile application development work

How spring simplifies mobile application development work

Spring is an application framework and inversion of control container for java platform. Java application can use framework’s core features but there are extensions for building web application on top of java EE platform. This framework doesn’t impose any specific programming model.
Spring has relevance to the mobile application development company, spring allows usage of Framework in an android environment. Using REST Template , spring framework enable support for integrating spring social functionality into android apps.
Inversion of control and dependency injection: These are basically design patterns used to remove dependency injection from code. They make the code easier to test & maintain.
Advantages of dependency injection:
. They make the code loosely coupled.
. Easy to test code
Here are some advantages of spring framework for mobile industry:

Predefined templates: Framework provides templates for Hibernate, JPA technologies etc. So no need to write too much code. What spring does is?  It hides basic steps of these technologies.
Suppose in JdbcTemplate we don’t need to write code for exception handling, creating connection, creating statement, committing transaction, closing connection etc. we just need to write code for executing query.
. Loose coupling: All spring applications are loosely coupled because of dependency injection.
. Easy to test: Spring framework don’t require server to test because dependency injection makes easier to test the application.
. Light weight: This framework is light weight because of its POJO implementation. Programmers don’t inherit any class or implement any interface.
. Fast development : Dependency injection feature of spring framework makes  makes java development fast.
. Powerful adstraction: It provides powerful abstraction JavaEE specifications such as JMS, JDBC, JPA and JTA.
. Declarative support: Spring provides declarative support for caching, validations, transactions & formatting.

All these features are available in spring platform which makes it compatible for all java applications. If you run a business, don’t forget to try spring application. Hire Seasia experts to build spring application for you.

How to outsource mobile development work

How to outsource mobile development work

In today’s world outsourcing mobile development work can be quite easy if we use platforms where project managers and developers can interact just by creating their profiles . App futura is one of them where we can post project and developers can bid over that simply by creating developers profile.

In case you’re a little organization without designers or perhaps a gathering inside of a huge association that can’t get any affection from the corporate advancement group and you require a portable application, where are you going to go? The entire procedure of interfacing with outsider designers, getting non-exposure assentions marked, getting offers, and selecting which engineers to work with is an overwhelming workload.

Should you be in this specific boat, a service that launched last year, AppFutura, can help you. AppFutura connects projects owners and developers in a methodical manner making the versatile application advancement handle possibly less confounded and substantially more sorted out.

Being an project manager your responsibilty is to make your application particular to as detailed level as possible could reasonably be expected and submit it to AppFutura which will, if obliged, help you clean your specs. Once the spec is prepared, you present your proposition and AppFutura courses it to qualified designers why should obliged sign NDAs. The AppFutura surveys the designer reactions and advances the main four for your audit.

In the event that you acknowledge a designer’s reaction you escrow funds through AppFutura and if there’s any disagreement regarding the venture, AppFutura will go about as go between and resolve any issues.

Joining a task as an project owner or developer is free in spite of the fact that designers can decide on Pro records (beginning at $7 every month) that makes you a “Checked Developer”, gives direct contact data on your profile, highlights your organization in hunts, alarms you in a flash of new ventures, and uproots all site promoting. Expert records likewise get dinged for 15% of task installments (this drops 12% for the top level of Pro records estimated at $36 every month).

AppFutura claims a long list of happy project owners with as of now 1,270 dynamic tasks in the framework and 13,395 enlisted developers. AppFutura likewise gives a showplace to designers portable applications with, at present, 7,303 titles accessible.

AppFutura is an great idea with, obviously, a great deal of excited designers joined and a ton of upbeat venture project owners who now have portable applications. In case you’re in a little business or a corporate gathering that needs to outsource or in any operation that doesn’t have the assets or specialized cleaves expected to handle versatile application advancement this could well be the solution for your supplications to God.

If you are looking for such project managers and developers to build such a platform for you, our developers are just one step away .Discuss your project requirements here.


Essential Elements of Mobile Application Development

Elements of mobile application development

What is mobile application development?

In today’s world there is a growing need of mobile applications. So eventually the need of application developers has been increasing day by day. Since the people have started taking immense interest in mobile apps. Nowadays people not only use mobiles for making calls only, but for carrying out various activities. We can create mobile applications such as web browsing, fax, email, games and wireless information services etc.

In order to create mobile apps, various elements are involved. Now the question arises that whether mobile applications are being developed in India , OR they are equally important in abroad ? Many companies outsource their mobile app development work to India. One of the most popular mobile software solutions includes mobile game development, mobile web development and mobile application development in Java and .Net. There are certain elements that are decisive in deciding what kind of a mobile application one should make. Things to consider while making mobile application or outsourcing mobile application development work.

Platform: Mobile applications are different for different platforms, as one application can’t be made to run on all platforms. Every mobile application is unique and made to run on specific platform. For example an iPhone application can’t run on android and blackberry.

Customer Base: While developing mobile applications it’s important to have an estimate of exact time (ET) and costing of application being developed. This is one of the important elements to be considered. In order to have an exact time estimation you can research competitors about their strategy followed. In order to get maximum return on investment it’s also important to launch application at the right time. You must ensure that, mobile development work should be outsourced to right people.

Some benefits of opting for mobile software development include:

No need of 3rd party people: Client will get all things in one place if he outsource mobile application development work to an outsourced company.

Interactive medium: Hiring an agency provides you interactive medium i.e. You can communicate with your customer base. It is an interactive medium and mobile application developers can design, develop and customize the applications as per the client’s needs.

Cost effective: It is also one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating with one’s target customer base.

World-class software mobile application development is possible due to the expertise in technical and functional areas provided by the Indian companies who have in-depth knowledge of various industry verticals.

Stay ahead in business by choosing right mobile application development company

Stay ahead in business by choosing right mobile application development company

In today’s life the innovation and discoveries have started at a fast pace in mobile development. It is difficult to select the most appropriate company for mobile applications. So we need to consider various factors before hiring them for our business. Below mentioned are few points that will help in finding best mobile application Development Company.

1.Experience and expertise in App Development: It is worth to do some basic search (like relevant experience, reviews, portfolios etc.) about a company before selecting them to develop your mobile application. The company should have good reputation and can provide best services according to customer need. It is necessary to go through their track record and portfolios to see their success rate.

2.High quality services: The Company should have good experience and high quality work. They must be able to deliver whatever they have promised on timely manner. They should be up to date about new trends .The Company should achieve real result of budget and must follow a suitable procedure that concentrate hard on several crucial aspects like creating a very good user experience. The design and applications developed by them should enhance the usability and user experience as well.

3.Function with various platforms: The Company should be able to work on various platforms like windows, iPhone and Android etc. because it makes no sense to develop android version of an app with one company and Windows version with other company. They must be capable to work on all given platforms with ease. All the platforms have different requirements, so the company should be capable enough to provide good result on timely manner and they must be capable to meet all your needs while developing your app.

In addition to this, If you have such professionals who can convert your website into an IOS application that fulfil your vision, then this will surely impact your business in a positive way.  Likewise you can upload this iOS application to the apple store and let your customers start downloading the new app. Make sure that the application you uploaded in the app store meets all of your customer’s requirements and should be easily accessible to users.

Now these are some qualities which your outsourced company must possess. Apart from this you should consider various factors before deciding your outsourcing partner.

 Preparing the project requirements: Before handling your project to some developer you must do some homework regarding what you need and how you need it to be done. You can do this simply by making presentation and communicate your ideas clearly to the prospective developers. This will saves time in development phase.

Budget: Deciding on your budget is very important before you plan further. It’s not necessary that high remuneration would be able to deliver the goods. Looking into the past projects and experience should be your deciding factors while outsourcing your projects.

Taking all these things into consideration, you will be able to find reliable outsourcing partner who can work beyond your expectations.