Bar Line Pass

Seasia consultancy provides the idea about the Barlinepass app. Barlinepass is Web/ mobile application that allows bargoers the option to pay a fee to skip the line at long wait venues. Barlinepass creates convenience options for customers and new revenue/data analytics for venues.


Our client is operating from Washington DC and New York. The app creates convenience option for the customer with new revenue & data analytics for venues. This app is designed by design team of Seasia consultancy. It offers mobile access and best deal with current location. The app lets you effortlessly search through a wide database offers and book quickly.

The Problem

Many party hoppers have found it difficult to find bookings for bars and restaurants. Even after reaching the premises large lines usually greet customers that create a tedious booking experience. To overcome this, the client required a systematic application that could ease out the customer's bar experience by helping them skip the line with instant booking mechanism, quick nearby venue searches, and various booking offers.

The Solution

Barlinepass was created and updated bargoer’s, activity. We have implemented a solution for the pains of having to wait in a long queue. We have implemented a solution for the client with the idea of standing in a queue and waiting a long time. Therefore, our Web development team has created a solution for waiting problem; we thought “there has to be a better way!”

Client Comments

Seasia Infotech
“Seasia mobile app development provided excellent support in the areas of Mobile engineering and app designing idea. I can confidently recommend Seasia consultancy as a dedicated and reliable work force and experts in their field.” Muthu and Nathan

Tools and Technologies

  • Programing Language Python

  • Framework Django

  • Client side AngularJS

  • Database MongoDB

  • Web Server Nginx + WSGI

  • Could Web Services AWS

  • Tool Used Git / PyCharm


Easy and user-friendly app interface. Quickly accessible with the search. Easy to understand to make a nearby search. Secure registration site. A Smart booking management system.