Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information Hub

Why COVA Tracker?

Coronavirus/COVID-19; the biggest pandemic for our mankind is rapidly spreading at global level. According to WHO, the total number of cases has surpassed 122 million Worldwide. This count is increasing speedily, Government of India is taking all compulsory steps to confirm that we are equipped well to face such situations and threats stood by the growing COVID-19 cases in our nation/state or our region.

COVA Tracker is a step to aware our citizens to take all preventive measures and care considering WHO and Ministry of health and family welfare’s advisories. It gives you the real time count of tested, confirmed cases. It gives the facility to know the nearest COVID-19 patient, Self-health check and many more options to be aware about all facts about COVID-19

ERP Application

What is COVA Tracker?

It is a dynamic tracker is real time dashboard for Punjab state, which gives you district wise cases, hotspot zones/areas, total tested cases, confirmed cases, Result Awaited, Total negative cases, Count of Home Quarantined, Hospital Quarantined counts etc.

It also provides national and global stats, service to find nearest COVID-19 patient, quick self-screening status just checking the symptoms, Corona Awareness, Traveling instructions, Prevention Products, donate to CM relief fund, Corona Hospitals in Punjab, FAQ, Call Support and many more….


  • Real time district wise dashboard for Punjab
  • National and global stats about COVID-19 Cases
  • A Quick self-screening to check for symptoms of Corona
  • Find nearest COVID-19 Patents
  • Donate to CM Relief Fund
  • Generate Curfew Pass
  • COVA Chat with COVID-19 expert Chatbot
  • Connect to a doctor
  • Search Foreign Travelers
  • Corona Hospitals
  • Report mass gathering
  • Request for Essentials
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Government Order
  • Awareness Notes
  • Travelling Instructions
  • Prevention Products
  • Register as a Laborer
  • Call Support
  • FAQs
  • Share App link through other social apps
  • Notifications




  • Programming languages: Objective-C
  • Design Pattern: MVVM
  • Toolkit: Apple Xcode
  • SDK: iOS SDK, iOS10 - iOS13
  • Xcode: 11
  • Database: Coredata



  • Programming languages: Kotlin
  • Design Pattern: MVVM
  • Toolkit: Android Studio & Android Developer Tools
  • SDK: Android SDK
  • Database: Room Database
  • Version: 15 to 29



  • AngularJS Version: v1.6.4
  • Core Version: Dotnet core 2.1
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Script Language: JavaScript
  • VisualStudio: 2017
  • SqlServer: 2019
  • UI: HTML5

Ultimate Conclusion

App users receive updates from government and other advisory authorizes and get updated with news flash and other guidelines/ instructions after regular interval of time using PUSH notification on the App. As users were getting anxious with fake news and fake count of new positive case from various social media apps from various un-authorized agencies. Now using this App, citizens are getting true stats from various authorized agencies and keep you updated with latest information about novel corona virus.

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